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Win $100! Write a Bajan slogan. by imonz69

Win $100 by creating a cool Barbados advertising slogan. Or, put another way – a cool advertising slogan for Barbados.


Times are tough. Tourism is down. So how can we attract more tourists to Barbados? With a great slogan! Not a generic statement that can be used by any tropical island. And has probably been used somewhere already.

A brilliant slogan – “Barbados. Floss Your Brain” – was already sent by Cool Barbados new members “crop_over_KIDZ” a couple of days ago which started the idea for a slogan search.

So write a really cool slogan best describing Barbados in 12 words or less. The winner gets a $100 Gift Voucher from Cave Shepherd. Entries close 31 January 2009.


Join up as a member at . It’s completely free. Then go to the Most Popular Groups section and you’ll see where to submit your entry.

If you have questions you can email the Cool Barbados site organisers here.

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