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Barbados Gets 1st Official Accurate Pothole Map by imonz69

Just in time for the busy tourist season and as an aid to drivers both familiar and unfamiliar with the island’s roads the St. Lucy Institute for Incredibly Accurate Pothole Mapping in Checker Hall has released the first accurate map* of current potholes both large and small to be avoided on our streets and highways.



After months of unsatisfactory trials as one wheeled vehicle after another suffered shattered shock absorbers and punctured tyres the institute resolved the problem by using ultra-high-speed digital cameras suspended on Mitsubishi Heavy Industry’s titanium compressed-nitrogen-cushioned buffers fitted on a miniature US Defense Department combat hovercraft to eliminate the slightest vibration.

Staff at the institute criss-crossed the island last week laying highly-accurate pothole positions over a giant-sized Google/GPS-enhanced map.

hovercraftAt a celebratory dinner at Braddy’s in Six Mens on Thursday evening 32-year-old Anthony Cumberbatch, head of the institute’s Pothole Research Department complimented his crack team by saying this map will make a major contribution to road safety by reducing shock absorber damage, punctured tyres and by preventing people running into trees and bus stops to avoid potholes.

As a generous public service the Nation Publishing House is currently installing at great expense the very first such press exported from China to enable them to make a laminated fold-out version available. When ready, sometime in late January 2009, the printed version will be available FREE at all fine hotels, supermarkets, gas stations, travel agents, rim repairers, automotive product stores, tyre repairers, police stations, car rental firms, mini-golf courses, dive shops, roadside coconut vendors and better rum shops everywhere.

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(Map © 2009 – Google & The St. Lucy Institute for Incredibly Accurate Pothole Mapping in Checker Hall. *Each dot denotes a pothole.)

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