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Bajans Boycott Bank Spewing Yankee Propaganda by imonz69

Speightstown’s traffic came to a complete standstill this morning as an angry crowd demonstrated outside the First Caribbean International Bank branch there.

Chanting anti-American slogans and carrying hastily-written signs proclaiming, “Down with Yankee Imperialism,” and “Fix Your Own Mess First” the mob estimated to be in the hundreds was protesting the bank’s continued insistence on carrying CNN and FOX News TV broadcasts at earsplitting levels while customers wait motionless like sheep in the sheep pens designed specifically to intimidate, subdue, punish, emasculate and finally castrate sheep.

A young man who declined to give his name – but claiming to be the leader – said the protest started spontaneously after he told bank staff he was “personally offended as a Bajan living in Barbados to be bombarded with foreign misinformation in banks at Guantanamo Bay volume levels.

“Like just now for the last hour unable to avoid multiple screeching White House spokespersons openly blaming Hamas for Israel bombing and strafing Gaza and killing hundreds of innocent Palestinian men, women and children. With high-tech weapons built and paid for by Yankee money to keep the Jewish lobby happy and not paid for by Israel also to keep the Jewish lobby happy.”

Adding, “In circles where waterboarding is condoned this is jokingly called ‘shooting fish in a barrel.'”

He said he was also “outraged being forced to listen to a CNN interview with a supercilious condescending Obama spokesperson who thinks that everything Obama says is gospel who said ‘Israel had every right to respond vigorously to rockets raining down on sleeping innocent Israel children.’ Conveniently forgetting the children were sleeping on land stolen from the Palestinians and omitting to say since the latest atrocity started 1 Israeli has died compared to over 375 Palestinians killed and over 1650 injured, many critically.

“I’m sick of all this incessant Yankee bullshit propaganda polluting our minds.

“If the ‘American People’ are too dumb to see they’re heading for the complete collapse of their system so be it. But spare the rest of the world.

“And you know what, I can’t wait for the Chinese and Indians to have a go at world domination. They can’t do any worse than the current lot.”

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