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Simon Cowell Knocked-Senseless by Barbados Beauty by imonz69

Of such stories are Hollywood legends created.

Immensely successful TV show host, media entrepreneur and music business mogul Simon Cowell is currently taking a well-deserved break in Barbados.

After remaining incognito for a couple of days during unseasonably inclement weather he was seen yesterday off the West Coast close to his rented luxury villa in The Garden, St, James, in trendy shades and open-to-the-waist life-jacket zooming above the light swell on a gaudy blue wave-runner.


Later he was seen dining with friends at the Fish Pot – Barbados’ currently “in” restaurant.

Normally a man of carefully-created mystery who shuns impromptu interviews with journalists he uncharacteristically opened up his soul to a Hollywood “Hollywood Reporter” reporter who’d wheedled a suite in the Little Good Harbour Hotel to get a guaranteed table in the restaurant hoping to have a Cowell (or other prominent) “spotting.”

For obvious reasons the HR reporter refused to give specific details of their conversation until his own organ spills the beans. But he did say to Barbados press representatives when questioned later, “Mr. Cowell told me he’s “thunderballed” (Ed. He probably said or meant “thunderstruck.”) by finding an 18-year-old sweet Barbados “honey” – his words – more gorgeous than Halle Berry, a body beyond Beyonce and with a wider vocal range than Leona Lewis. He also admitted he felt quite faint when he first saw her. And that’s all I’m prepared to say at the moment.”

The local scribes pressed for more details but the HR man remained mum. Even when a Nation cub reporter asked “just tell us where Cowell found the body? I’ve been scouring Barbados for one like that for years.”

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