Say Hello to Kool Barbados gets non-rum sponsor by imonz69

Signalling that Barbados’ first interactive social-networking website KoolBarbados is rapidly gaining public recognition the island’s smallest distillery has agreed to run a series of advertisements promoting “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Rum,” winner of this year’s “Most Innovative Rum or Non-Rum Product” Award at the recently concluded Trinidad and/or Tobago Annual Rum or Non-Rum Festival.


“We strongly believe KoolBarbados is a pre-destined tool to promote our “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Rum” throughout the world,” said Marketing Manager Clyde Cumberbatch. Especially to Red Bull drinkers.

“To meet demand we’ve increased capacity at our Road View, St. Peter distillery and opened a visitor viewing section to show how we completely remove all traces of alcohol without losing our patented “Pirates of the Caribbean” oak-barrel taste and aroma. We hope too through advertising “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Rum” we can attract suitable importers and distributors in the leading rum and/or non-rum drinking nations. We’ve already had a reaction from Saudi Arabia offering Barbados a deal to swap oil for non-rum in a barter arrangement.

“With our product and KoolBarbados working closely together this could lead to a welcome and significant increase in much needed exports from Barbados in these troubled economic times.”

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