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Barbados Police Photo Ban Spreads by imonz69

From all corners of the island reports are flooding-in to KoolBarbados of unprecedented acts of bravery and kindness by members of the Royal Barbados Police Force.

But for reasons unknown the uniformed Good Samaritans apparently all refuse to have their pictures taken and in a couple of instances have confiscated digital cameras and video recording devices.

An elderly woman in St. Thomas told this reporter she was unable to walk across – never mind around – the roundabout at Warrens Motors due to clogged traffic in all directions on Christmas Eve and despairing, asked a young police constable for help.

The lady said the kind young man radioed for assistance and in no time at all a familiar yellow and white SUV arrived to take her with siren wailing and blue light flashingobama around the roundabout and on to PriceSmart where she bought perilously late gifts for her grandchildren.

Passers-by who witnessed this magnanimous gesture tried to get a group picture of the lawmen with the delighted octagenarian. But to no avail. The police turned their backs to the camera and drove off at speed.

The story repeated itself after a young family from Manchester, England here for the Christmas holidays called the police in a state of panic. Shelby, their 2-year-old-toddler had toddled-off somewhere along Brighton Beach and fearing the worst they were mightily relieved to see a 50-men and women RBPF task force arrive in 2 busses and start an immediate beachcomb. Adding to their hopes that Shelby would be found safe and sound a Bajan Helicopter helicopter made low sweeps along the beach and in short shrift she was spotted under a tree asleep. The Manchester father had videoed much of the activity but as the force prepared to leave he was ordered to hand over the memory card and told he could collect it – wiped clean – on Boxing Day at police HQ.

This police shunning-publicity syndrome was nowhere more obvious than early on Christmas Morning when two teenage girls from Detroit were apparently strolling on the East Coast beach north of Bathsheba when a handsome young and muscular man wearing only shorts jogged towards them. Impressed, aroused and desperate to make contact one feigned being in difficulty in the rolling surf while the other awkwardly blocked his way and tried to engage him in conversation. After dragging the one girl over the sand to safety the young chap was polite and friendly but became agitated when the other took out her Canon CT20. “I may have saved her but I may have to arrest you because I’m a cop,” he said. “Oh yeah! Show me some identification,” said the younger of the girls, giggling. And was still looking at him longingly as he sped off at high-speed, zig-zagging to remain out of focus.

Only after she called KoolBarbados to report this bizarre incident and was told of similar stories did she concede he may have been a genuine policeman.

Why this reluctance to be photographed? Is it the age-old fear of a shiny metal box stealing the victim’s soul? Or perhaps more likely a clever RBPF public relations stunt to shroud the force in impenetrable mystery and thereby promote recruitment?

All attempts to reach senior officers for edification proved fruitless but an 18-year-old police cadet currently on probation, in training and not at all sure he really wants to be a policeman did ask if we could put him in touch with the two Americans. “Tell ’em I look much better than old man Obama and I don’t mind being dragged along beaches or wherever and being photographed or videoed while doing it.”

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