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Barbados Sues Amazon – Hundreds of Children Without Presents by imonz69

With hundreds of Barbados children unlikely to receive their presents by Christmas Day the Barbados government today instructed crack lawyers in Canada, Britain and the USA to ask for temporary injections to prevent and from accepting all new orders until their annual staggering year-end backlog is cleared.

amazon-webAccording to a spokesperson in the Consumer Protection Ministry Barbadians of all ages have been calling-in to report gifts ordered weeks ago are still not dispatched 5 days before Christmas Day and say there is no indication Amazon will release them before the end of the year.

One not atypical family in Foul Bay, St. Philip claimed 8 gifts ordered from 6 weeks ago are still unaccounted for and the Amazon website shows no information about dispatch or delivery dates.

A family member – who insisted on remaining anonymous since he’s in delicate discussions with Cable & Wireless about his recent redundancy after 15 years of loyal service – said when they called Amazon’s UK help number on Skype a non-English speaking female sounding like Stephen Hawkin’s computer-activated voice was unable to give any constructive suggestions apart from recommending the caller to cancel all orders and try again much sooner in 2009.

When contacted a constitutional lawyer in Washington DC specialising in “late and/or undelivered” gifts said he doubted any temporary injection – even if granted – would have any effect in 2008.

But said Barbados might try its luck again after Barack Obama’s inauguration on 20 January next since he – the constitutional lawyer – has been approached to head the “Gifts Undelivered on Date Promised” Department and has president-elect Obama’s word it will be one of his – Obama’s – top priorities.

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